Why SITI¡@¡@
"Isolated learning brings one no friends,being blinkered gives one little knowledge" goes the Chinese saying. In each individual's research and development process, people might encounter blind spots and bottlenecks. SiTI not only values each individual's professional performance but also emphasizes healthy interactions among co-workers. The R&D team members meet more than once a week. During the meetings, each R&D engineer not only presents their ideas from professional fields or bottlenecks which they might have but also solve problems by discussing together. They help others solve problems and at the same time help themselves to get rid of blind spots.
SiTI's promotion system counts on performance. Positions at SiTI go by ability. Seniority or academic background are only for reference. For this reason, SiTI's employees are willing to share their research knowledge with other colleagues, helping SiTI to accumulate the Know-how rapidly and to increase the R&D team's competitiveness at a faster pace. Such a healthy competition not only allows all the employees to do their best to work together but also creates SiTI's beautiful future. It also enables SiTI to continue developing new technology and high-quality products in a fast-changing IC design industry.