Fan Driver

The power of tiny!

General Description

We are the best solution for DC brushless fan motor. Our complete fan driver IC line can be used in standard fan、PWM fan or thermal fan. Each standard driver IC has FG or RD signal output. If you need FG/2 signal for 8 poles fan, we are the best solution for you. If you want to be approved by UL, lock /auto-restart function can help you make it easier. Smallest package can help you put into small PCB. Everything you need, we design it for you. So, we can say that SiTI's fan driver IC is certainly the best choice for NB fan motor. SiTI shares more than 30% of global NB fan market in 2003. How can we make it? The basic and the most important thing is our excellent quality. In addition, complete good line and function let your product different to others. You never have to worry about stock shortage because SiTI has JET service. Just remember, everything is for you.



SiTI's fan drivers can be used in cooling fan systems required for NB, PC server, communication equipment and graphics tools…etc.


    Part Number Application Main features
   ST1114C/L/M   DC Brushless Fan   Pre-driver  
   ST1114E/K/P   DC Brushless Fan   Low start-up voltage  
     ST1115C/D   DC Brushless Fan   PWM or Thermal resister speed control  
      ST1116A/B   DC Brushless Fan   Speed control  

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